C e r t i f i c a t e o f P e d i g r e e English Champion
English and Swedish Champion
Eng. Sw. Ch So What Excalibur Eng Ch Lomondview Gipsy Woman Bonnie Black Tulip of Lomondview Lomondview Beinn Dubh Scotchmore Pepper Pot REG. NAME: TITLES: REG. #: RN04686603 BREED: SCOTTISH TERRIER COLOR: Black BIRTH DATE: 06/15/2003 SEX: M ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Kippen, Black
Finished with 4 majors
Signed: CH Lomondview King Me BREEDER(S): Carol Aanan CONFORMATION CHAMPION OWNER: Kathy Vogt, Michael Karem & Charla Hill CO-OWNER: Ch Balgownie Brilliance Ch Kantorn's Johnny Walker Swedish Champion
International, Nord. Champion
Born 9/93
Ch Raglan Rather Posh Ch Raglan Rory Swedish Champion
Swedish Champion, World Winner 2002
Born 1/98
Eng Ch Wiljoy Wizardry Ch Brueik Spellbinder KCSB 1338CA
Swedish Champion
Born 12/94
Brueik Tapestry England
Ch So What Thawn Ch So What Moriarty International & Nord. Champion
Swed, Nord, American Champion
Ch MacPrain Miranda Ch So What Brangwain Swedish Champion
Swed. Nord. & Australian Champion
Blackbriar Black Magic Blackbriar Barley Sugar Ch MacPrain Malt Maid New Zealand Champion
Eng Ch Kennelgarth Toyboy Lomondview Observer Bonnie Black Tulip of Lomondview Eng Ch Lomondview Pilot English Champion
Scotland Ch Lomondview Peter Pan Lomondview Pandora Australian Champion
Scotland Lomondview Noble Lady Eng Ch Kennelgarth Pluto Eng Ch Kennelgarth Toyboy English Champion Eng Ch Lomondview Granny Black Kennelgarth Melissa English Champion
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