C e r t i f i c a t e o f P e d i g r e eMexican Champion
Japanese Champion
Danish, Finnish, Italian Champion
Eng Ch Mystacle Merry Monarch of MicandaCh Kittiwake Georgina Girl De Dona RamonaBoquhan RagdollEng Ch Dunmhor Rebel RouserBoquhan Queen BeeREG. NAME:TITLES:REG. #:RM357275/01BREED:SCOTTISH TERRIER COLOR:BlackBIRTH DATE:06/22/2000SEX:MADDITIONAL INFORMATION:Born in Spain, Black
vWD DNA tested, Eyes cerf
Signed:CH De Magic Illusion Picasso of CharthillBREEDER(S):Fernando Martinez DVM & Loles Serrano DVMConformation ChampionOWNER:Fernando Martinez & Loles SerranoCO-OWNER:Charla HillEng Ch Kennelgarth EdwinEng Ch Micanda Teddy BoyMicanda TammitooEng Ch Micanda Fine 'N DandyWoodmansey Whizz KidMicanda Dark WhizzperMicanda Jemima PuddleduckEng Ch Kennelgarth PlutoEng Ch Kennelgarth ToyboyKennelgarth MelissaMystacle MasqueradeBorn in EnglandEng Ch Gaywyn Adventure StoryMicanda Story Girl at MystacleMicanda Teddy GirlEng Ch Micanda Fine 'N DandyEng Ch Mystacle Merry Monarch of MicandaMystacle MasqueradeBerrybreeze Georgie Boy of MicandaBorn in EnglandDanish, Finnish, Italian Champion
Eng Ch Town Crier of MaysonMayson FelicityMayson MonomieAuchenscot Miller's LadAuchenscot Joel of ScaristaBorn in EnglandBoquhan SkylarkAuchenscot BlaebellBorn in ScotlandI certify that the information contained herein is accurate:Date