C e r t i f i c a t e o f P e d i g r e e RM160658/02
Conformation Champion
Black/ Dam of 5 Champions
Conformation Champion
Sire of 23 Champions
CH at 1 yr old/mult Group winner
DNA Clear vWD/Eyes Cerf'ed
Pedigree all English/Scottish
Black "Postman"
CH Dunedin Charthill Messenger CH Charthill Empress of the Blues Charthill Worthy Ember Ch Charthill Worthy of Colwick Tessie's Special Touch REG. NAME: TITLES: REG. #: RN020498/01 BREED: SCOTTISH TERRIER COLOR: BLACK BIRTH DATE: 02/26/2003 SEX: F ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Winners Bitch STCGAtlanta Signed: CH CHARTHILL BLUES MAMA BREEDER(S): Charla & Kari Hill Conformation Champion OWNER: Charla & Kari Hill CO-OWNER: Eng Ch Noonsun Sorcerer Eng Ch Wiljoy Wizardry UK0520BQ
Eng Ch Wiljoy Serenade CH Balgownie Bulletin KCSB 3532BW
Brindle "Max"
UK Import
Wiljoy Rock Star of Terabrin Balgownie Belle KCSB 4607BW
Balgownie Butterfly Kennelgarth Nelson Eng/AM CH Kennelgarth Romeo RB098000
Born England
UK Import
Kennelgarth Caprice Dunedin Dimple RM019211/07
Dam of 2 Champions
Burnview Crusader CH Burnview Fantasy RB370905
Born Scotland
UK Import
Burnview Madonna Ch Charthill Seaworthy CH Charthill Victory at Sea ROMS RB293449
Vicrick's Cuddlesome Carly Ch Charthill Jazz King RM130926/06
US, Arg, Chile, Paraguay Champion /Sire 16 champs
DNA Vet Gen Clear For vWD
Black "Satch"
Finished Winners@ 3 specialties
RWD Montgomery @ 11 mo
Sire of 67 Champions/ Mult Group & Specialty Wins
"Casey" Sire of 68 champions
Blk/Brin Mult Group/Specialty wins
Best Op Montgomery '93
AKC DNA #V82035
Ch Charthill Worthy of Colwick Ch Charthill Worthy Trinket RA959439
Conformation Champion
Best in Sweeps at Louisville and Northern Ohio STC
Dam of 4 champions
Wychwyre Champagne Toast RB 130365
Ch Charthill Worthy of Colwick Ch Charthill Wizard of Boz Brindle "Wiz"
Sire of 4 Champions
Littermate to Tiger Rose
Conformation Champion
Ch Charthill Moira The Best Ch Charthill Bridget By Briggs RM088584/01
Brindle "Moira"
#1 Brood Bitch 1998
Dam of 6 champions
"Mimi" Black
Dam of 4 Champions
RA931686 I certify that the information contained herein is accurate: Date
"Casey" Sire of 68 champions
Blk/Brin Mult Group/Specialty wins
Best Op Montgomery '93
AKC DNA #V82035