January 5, 1985 - February 22, 1996

We were very, very lucky to be a part of the life of this great dog.  Most importantly, he was our best friend.  After that, he was also a great show dog and a great sire.  There are lots of catch phrases bandied about in the show world, one of which is "You only need one good one." and it is heard frequently with the news that there was only one puppy in the litter.  We heard that a lot. Bosworth was a singleton, born in January.

In September of that year, we entered him in 6-9 puppy class at the Michigan Specialty.  Gerry Penta gave him his first 5 point major. That was quite a thrill.  In October we entered him in the 9-12 month class at the Northern Ohio specialty.  Judge, Ken McDermott gave him the second 5 point major.  Boz took his drink of water from the silver goblet he won. In November, we entered him in an all breed show. He won 2 pts.  Then we were faced with a tough decision.  Not having the confidence we have gained since then, we did want him to finish his title of Champion sooner than later. Dayton specialty was coming up in March.  Did we want to try to wait to get the third 5 pt, or show him before then to finish. He went to Heart of America and won Best in Sweepstakes, but not the points. So we took him to the Louisville all breed show the week before Dayton, and he won 4 pts.  He was finished!!  Some encouraged us to keep him in the classes for Dayton.  We decided not to take the points we didn't need from another dog, so we moved him to specials.
He was too young to win Breed, the judge told us later.  She did like him. We always wondered if we did the right thing, but he was finished, had sired his first litter, and he was a Champion!!

Throughout his show career, Bosworth won many specialties and won many terrier groups.  He showed like the perfect gentleman for Tom, but not for me.  I think he knew he was in charge of me, not vice versa.  The few times I handled him as a special were a disaster. People are surprised to hear me say, I never won a ribbon on that dog. He was a show dog for Tom.  Later on, for two years, he was a show dog for Jon Rawleigh and Nancy Becker.  Having jobs and children were most time consuming, and the gracious offer from these good people to present the dog was not turned down.  We are grateful to them.  Later on when he returned home, we continued successfully to show him.  The culmination of his career was when after being retired, we took him out once again as a veteran to the Scottish Terrier Club of Dayton.  He won the Breed and his daughter, CH Charthill Tiger Rose went Op.  His granddaughter was 
Best of Winners.

We have many visitors to our home.  Bosworth was host to all.  Everyone who met him was captivated by his charming personality. He received many with his warm welcome. Ah, to be kissed by Boz.  Not much of a lap sitter, the last few years he never left my side. He was always bigger than life, and his presence filled the room.

He lives on in the beautiful pups that he sired.  43 of them became champions out of 107 total born. To date they and their get have produced a multitude of champions.  His daughter Rose was BOW at Montgomery, his son Tony won the points at Montgomery, and later won Best of Breed there.  He won the Lloyd twice and was #1 stud dog for 3 years. Two of his double grandsons have been Best of Opposite at Montgomery (to Peggy Sue) and Tony, Casey and Ben have been in the top three stud dogs for 5 years.  CH Charthill Victory at Sea (Casey) was #1 stud dog in 1996 & 2003, and in 1999 these three dogs were the 3 top stud dogs of the year.  His offspring leads into the new Millennium with a prepotent, powerful genetic force for showy, healthy and happy affectionate scottish terriers.  We are thrilled to see these kids in the showring all over the country. We are very proud of their wins and their owners who show them.


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