CH.  Jovial Eastman at Charthill  "Flyer"

                                CH Sandgreg's Editorial
                        CH Sandgreg's Second Edition
                                CH Braeburn's Topic of Sandgreg
                 CH Sandgreg's Limited Edition
                                CH Glengloamin's Berkley Square
                        CH Sandgreg's Luv Me Tender
                                CH Sandgreg's Sweet Luv
        CH Brookhill's Sandgreg's Crusader
                                CH Sandgreg's Second Edition
                        CH Sandgreg's Reporter
                                CH Sandgreg's Miss Patriot
                CH Brookhill's Morning Star
                                CH Sandgreg's Second Edition
                        CH Brookhill's Northern Lights
                                CH MacPooch Ms Michie
 CH Jovial Eastman at Charthill
                                Ch Charthill Worthy of Colwick
                        AM/CAN CH Caevnes Devils Due
                                Caevnes Amy March of Alcott
            CH McVan's Duke of Earl
                                CH Sandgreg's Second Edition
                    CH McVan's Nut N Honey
                                AM/CAN CH Maggie McMuffin V
        CH Jovial Heart of Gold of McVan
                                CH Sandgreg's Square Deal
                     CH Glad Macs Talisin the Bard
                                CH Glad Macs Cracklin Rosie
            AM/CAN CH Gaelforce Post Script
                                CH Sandgreg's Johnny Come Lately
                    CH Glenlee's Sable Fox
                                CH Kochs Shadow Fox of Glenlee


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