Ch. Charthill Worthy of Colwick  "Bosworth"
    Ch. Charthill Tiger Rose "Rose"
    Ch. Charthill Moira the Best  "Moira"
        Ch. Charthill Seaworthy  "Clipper"
          Ch. Charthill Water Lily  "Lily"
    Ch. Charthill Victory At Sea  "Casey"
        Ch. Charthill Victory Colors  "Checkers"
        Ch. Charthill Sailor's Hornpipe "Piper"
        Ch. Charthill Silk Streamer  "Electra"
        Ch. Charthill North Sea Navigator "Ross"
        Ch. Charthill Victory Flight  "Henry"
        Ch. Charthill Samantha  "Samantha"
        Ch. Charthill Jubilee  "Jubilee"
          Ch.Charthill High Voltage "Zappa"
          Ch Charthill Silver Streak "Wilder"
          Ch.Charthill Celestial "Celeste"
              Ch.Charthill Celebration "Cora"
              Ch.Charthill Shooting Star "Phoenix"
              Ch.Charthill Constellation "Leo"
              Ch.Charthill Supernova "Mason"
        Ch. Charthill Jazz King  "Satch"
            Ch. Charthill Grand Reward  "Bob"
            Ch. Charthill Take Five  "Brubeck"
            Ch. Charthill Boss Brass  "Boss"
            Ch. Charthill Sweet Georgia Brown  "Georgia"
            Ch. Charthill Empress of the Blues  "Bess"
        Ch. Charthill Indigo Blue  "Blue"
        Ch. Charthill Bravo  "Cooper"
        Ch.  Charthill On The Town  "Peter"
             Ch. Charthill CEO  "Chief"
             Ch. Charthill A Key to Victory  "Key"
Ch.Dunedin Charthill Messenger  "Postman"
    Ch.Charthill First Issue  "Frankie"
    Ch.Majac Right On Target  "Radar"
    Ch.Charthill Razzmajazz  "Jazz"
    Ch.Charthill Signature  "John Hancock"
    Charthill My Blue Heaven  "Heaven"
    Ch.Charthill Red Oak  "Woody"
    Ch.Charthill Empire Maker "Alexander"
        Ch.Charthill Power Broker"Trump"
       Ch.Charthill Play for Keeps II   "Camilla"
        Ch.Charthill Blues Mama "Rainey"
    Ch Charthill Jazz Legend "Charlie"
Ch.Charthill Precocious "Patty"
    Ch.Charthill Sea Siren "Lorelei"
    Ch.Charthill Provocative "Nikki"
    Ch.Charthill Mistyglen Times Two "Patrick"
    Ch.Charthill Midnight Silver  "Paloma"
Ch.Charthill Spot Light"Carson"

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