C e r t i f i c a t e o f P e d i g r e e RM019211/07
Dam of 2 Champions
Brindle "Max"
UK Import
CH Balgownie Bulletin Dunedin Dimple Burnview Madonna Stuane Highland King Burnview Moonshine REG. NAME: TITLES: REG. #: RM208896/02 BREED: SCOTTISH TERRIER COLOR: Black BIRTH DATE: 01/14/1997 SEX: M ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: CH at 1 yr old/mult Group winner
DNA Clear vWD/Cerf'ed
Pedigree all English/Scottish
Black "Postman"
Signed: CH Dunedin Charthill Messenger BREEDER(S): Sire of 8 Champions Andrea Duncan OWNER: Charla Hill CO-OWNER: Sandy Heminger Eng Ch Noonsun Sorcerer Black Eng Ch Wiljoy Wizardry KCSB 1338CA
Eng Ch Gaywyn Landmark Eng Ch Wiljoy's Serenade KCSB 3532BW
Wiljoy Diamond Eng/Am Ch Killisport Rox at Scarista Wiljoy Rock Star of Terabrin KCSB 4607BW
Eng Ch Wiljoy Solitaire Balgownie Belle KCRPO369101PO1
Eng/Am Ch Killisport Rox at Scarista Balgownie Butterfly Balgownie Shelomancio Florantine Eng CH Kennelgarth Edrick Kennelgarth Nelson Kennelgarth Nell Gwynn Eng/AM CH Kennelgarth Romeo RB098000
UK Import
Eng CH Kennelgarth Edrick Kennelgarth Caprice Kennelgarth Daisybell Eng Ch Perlor Postmark Burnview Crusader CH Burnview Fantasy Eng CH Burnview Fanfare RB370905
UK Import
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